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Online or In-Person

Whether it be a virtual meeting or an in-person retreat, I would love to be a part of your next event. I absolutely love studying God's Word and then encouraging women with what I've learned. Using examples from my own life, my own mistakes, I share candidly about my own transformation into the likeness of Christ and invite others to continue their life of transformation in Jesus. 

The Right Fit

I know finding the right person to speak at your next event is serious business. The wrong person can make the weekend fall flat. But the right person can encourage women to embrace Jesus and His Word and spark discussion and transformation within your group that echoes for weeks, months, and even years.

Let's chat!

It would be an honor to be part of your next event and I would love to chat with you so you can determine whether I'm the best fit for you. 


Stop Choosing Joy

We hear all the time "choose joy" but the truth is joy is not a choice...it's a result of our choices.

We need to STOP choosing joy and instead choose Jesus. Because when we do, we are able to choose kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, love, trust, and obedience as well. And the result of those choices are joy, peace, and contentment!

This session challenges each attendee to look they're choices and gives them practical steps to finally embrace joy for good!

Live, Linger, and Love

Who do you spend time with? Who or what directs your decisions and your steps? Who or what provides the motivation and power to move forward? These 3 questions are vital to living a life of purpose. 

The Live, Linger, and Love 3-session workshop helps women realign their lives as they learn what it means to Live in the Spirit,Linger with Jesus, and Love God's Word. 

Who is my Neighbor & How do I Love them?

We have people surrounding us on all sides, whether it's physically because you live in the city or socially because of social media. Are they all my neighbor? Do I really have to love them all? Even the ones I disagree with or support things that I abhor?

What did Jesus mean when He told us to "love our neighbor as ourself" and what does that look like? How do we love those who hate what we stand for? Let's answer these questions together.

Good Morning God

Mark 1:35 says that Jesus went out while it was still dark and spent time with His Father. I have found this truth to be convicting and a blam to my soul.

What can we learn from beginning our day with God and why is it beneficial to our walk with Him to begin our day saying, "Good morning God." This workshop will motivate you, give you tips and tools, and resources so that you can say "Good Morning God" every morning!

Refined by Trials

Silver is not a beautiful or pure metal. It must be refined by fire. It is melted down again and again until the silversmith can look into the crucible and see his reflection. 

When God looks into our lives, is He able to see His reflection? Are we allowing the trials in our lives to refine us and make us more like Jesus?

Finding Satisfaction

Finding satisfaction when the world around us is one big disappointment seems like a lost cause. Is contentment truly possible?

Paul said in Philippians 4 that he could be content in all circumstances, whether living in plenty or in want. How did he get to that point? We discuss this and more in this session!

The moon reflects the sun

The moon is one of the most fasicnating things in nature. It can be bright or dull, full or non-existent, white or yellow...I could go on. Yet none of these things happen without the sun. The moon has no light of it's own. It only reflects the sun's light. 

We are like the moon. We are fascinating, beautiful creatures. Yet we don't inherently have power or glory or light on our own. We only reflect the Son! What does this look like? How can we do it? Why is it important? We answer all of these questions and more in this workshop.

Forgiveness...is it possible?

I always thought forgiveness was possible in any circumstance. Then I found myself hurt by a few people who were very close and I was suddenly thrust into a prediciment. Do I believe what I've learned and what I've taught to others? Or do I believe the lie that forgiveness is simply too hard and only a few get access?

This talk cuts right to the heart and reveals our ugliness; sin. But it also offers hope and redemption and (dare I say it) reconciliation.

You fill in the blank.

Do you have a topic or theme for your next event?

Let me know and I'll come up with a customized talk, just for your group!

Let's live in the Spirit, linger with Jesus, and love God's Word together!

I'd love to hear from you.