Bring God's Word to LIFE - Psalm 19:14

David and the Israelites sang a song to God, declaring His majesty and glory. At the end, David desires for his song to be acceptable in the Lord’s sight. It makes me think how many times I come before the Lord with an attitude that is displeasing to the Lord. That does not show the sacrifice that God desires. I come with my complaints and frustrations, rather than my praise and thanksgiving.

There is nothing wrong with sharing our worries and our frustrations with the Lord. He longs to hear the cries of our hearts. But do we come with an attitude of complaining or a posture of thanksgiving when we present our requests to Him?

I think this carries out into our everyday lives. Our purpose on earth is to bring glory to God. And yet I know that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart do not always bring Him glory.

So many times throughout my day, I find my heart meditating on problems, worries, irritancies. I fixate on the physical, the temporal, rather than the eternal. And when I fixate there, I become frustrated. My pride says that I could do it better. My pride says that I deserve more. My pride overtakes my thoughts and I let those thoughts go round and round in my head. And eventually, the things that I am allowing my heart and mind to meditate on become the words that come out of my mouth. I let the frustration and worry take root and my words because displeasing to the Lord too!

Is the song I’m “singing” as I go about my day bringing glory to God?

Lord, today my prayer is that the words of my mouth…what I say…echoes the meditation of my heart…where I dwell…and may both be pleasing and acceptable in your sight O Lord. You are my rock. You are my redeemer. You are my hope. I long to dwell in Your presence. I want to meditate on Your words, not my thoughts. This is my request today. May it be so!

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