Live, Linger, and Love Community

What is holding you back?

Jesus came so we could live an abundant life! 

What is holding you back from living a life filled with purpose and joy? 

God's Word promises transformation but applying the truths to our lives can be difficult.

Live, Linger, and Love Community is a group of women who long to be doers, not just hearers of the Word! They are action takers who desire to be transformed into the likeness of Christ!

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Image by Chris Montgomery

community benefits

As a Community Member, you get:

  • Access to every NEW Bible study for no additional cost! 

  • EARLY access to New Bible Studies. You'll be the first to hear about them and the first to access them.

  • LIVE Apply It sessions: Over Zoom, we will go deeper for each study and talk candidly about the things keeping us from applying God's Word in our lives. Then problem solve together to make change happen!

  • VAULT access. I'll release Bible studies from the vault just for you!

  • Online COMMUNITY where you can post what you're learning, share what you're struggling with, and encourage one another!