What are you filled with?

Are you trying to fill your life with joy 

but find that the joy disappears when trials come?

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What if...

What if you found a way to have permanent joy that overflows, not disappears?

What if you were able to find out why your joy vanishes?

What if you had the tools to maintain your joy no matter what situation you found yourself in?

How would your life be different?

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Is your joy leaking?

I think any follower of Jesus would like to say that they are filled with joy. But the reality is that we find it lacking in our lives. We may try to fill our souls with joy but we find it leaking out instead of overflowing.

I understand

I use to be there. I longed for lasting joy to fill my soul, but I realized that joy could not fill my soul as long as I was filled with something else. You see, I was filled with anger, pride, and unforgiveness. Only I didn't know it. But while I was in the dark, God was moving.


God transforms

I was invited to a Women's Bible study as a young mom. It was there that God began to transform my heart, soul, and mind as I did a deep study of the life of David. I saw the power of the Holy Spirit at work in my life and I fell in love with studying God's Word.

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

My Cup Overflows

It is in God's presence where the fullness of joy is found (Psalm 16:11). And the best way to be in God's presence is to be in His Word. I experienced God changing me. 

My pride and anger began to fall away as did my bitterness that came from unforgiveness. This allowed room for God to fill my soul. 

I can now say "My Cup Overflows!"

We are filled with something, The question is...

do you like what you're filled with?


would you rather be filled with joy?

The 'filled  with joy' 4-week bible study

This study will take you on a path to discover joy. You will encounter truths in God's Word that will transform you and cause your joy to overflow. This study will create for you a habit of being in God's Word every morning and a discipline of lingering with Jesus.

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Good Morning God

Begin your day in God's Word, even if just for a few moments. Not everyone can begin their day doing an inductive Bible study for 45 minutes. But it is still crucial to our daily lives and spiritual growth that we begin our day in God's Word. In this study, you will begin each morning reading a short passage of Scripture. At the end of your reading, a question or thought will be shared for you to ponder throughout your day. 

Linger Longer

We can't expect to have transformed lives in just five minutes a day. We need to linger with Jesus in order to understand who He is and transform into His image. Each week of this study has an in-depth section called LINGER LONGER. You can do all 6 steps in one day or seperate into multiple days, whichever works best for you. The key is to spend time - to linger- with Jesus and allow His Word to penetrate your heart and mind. 

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Live It Out

We must be doers of the Word, not just hearers. So one step in our Linger Longer section will be dedicated to applying what you learn so you can take action to apply the truths of God's Word in your life!

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Waterside Women


Our stories encourage each other. When we share what God is teaching us, it can inspire someone else who is struggling. We've created the Live, Linger, and Love Community. It's a safe place where you can share how you are growing, what you are learning, where you are struggling, and receive encouragement along the way.

The time is now!

Do you want to stay filled with things that cause your joy to disappear?

Or are you ready to get rid of those things, mend your cup, and allow God to fill it with joy?

Let's do this together!

You have THREE Options


Individual Study

Dive deep into God's Word and be filled with joy! This study lasts 4 weeks, but you can go at whatever pace fits your schedule best. 

included in the self-study option:

  • 5 Video Teaching Sessions (Online)

  • 24 "Good Morning God" Devotionals (PDF Download)

  • 4 "Linger Longer" In-Depth Study Worksheets (PDF Download)

  • "Live It Out" Accountability Card

  • "How to Study the Bible" (PDF Download)

  • "Praying Scripture" (PDF Download)

Study is Releasing Fall 2020


*includes a signed copy of

The Joy Filled Soul book

Live, Linger, & Love Community

Want accountability? Want community? Want  access to Janine? Want access to this and all future studies for less $?

This community is for you!

included in live, linger, & love community:

  • Everything from the Individual Study Option


  • Access to every NEW Bible study for no additional cost! 

  • EARLY access to New Bible Studies. You'll be the first to hear about them and the first to access them.

  • LIVE Apply It sessions. Twice a month via Zoom, Janine will go deeper with each study and talk candidly about the things keeping us from applying God's Word in our lives. Participation in the LIVE discussion is encouraged.

  • LIVE Q&A with Janine twice a month via Zoom.

  • Online COMMUNITY where you can post what you're learning, share what you're struggling with, and encourage one another as you study together right here on this website.

Coming Soon!

Bible Study for Groups

Do you have a group of ladies that gather together to study God's Word? This option is for groups of 5 or more women. 

INCLUDED in Bible Study for Groups:

  • Everything from the Individual Study at a group rate. For groups of more than 5 women, the cost is $25 for the first 5, then $15 per woman after that.

  • For groups of 10 or more, a session with Janine either in-person* or online is included.​​​​


Contact Janine to sign-up your group or ask any questions you may have.  


*Within 50 miles of Norwalk, CA. Or if group is willing to pay for travel. 

Study is Releasing Fall 2020