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The Joy Filled Soul

Discover Peace and Contentment in Your Everyday


Is joy meant to be permanent?

They make it sound easy, right? “Choose joy,” and life will go smoothly. But when trials come and life gets crazy, the joy seems to disappear.

Author, Janine Lansing knows exactly how that feels. She “chose” joy, but life quickly overwhelmed her and her joy vanished. Through studying God’s Word, she soon experienced, however, that joy found in Jesus can be permanent and unwavering.

In The Joy Filled Soul, Janine throws out the old script and teaches how to reclaim joy and keep it for life. She challenges you to confront the things that cause your joy to disappear and offers hope and encouragement for when joy seems lost.

For any woman who is overwhelmed, anxious, or struggling to forgive, this book offers practical tips to discover joy, peace, and contentment right now.

  • Rediscover joy rooted in God’s Word

  • Mend holes that allow joy to leak out

  • Take action for true contentment

Never-ending, overflowing joy is possible. What are you waiting for?

Begin the journey to a Joy Filled Soul today.

Favorite Quotes

"Joy is not a choice...

it's a result of our choices!"

“Joy was designed to stay with us and to give us hope and encouragement throughout our day”

“God is more concerned with our character development during each season than the circumstances of the season”

“If we expect to have joy and wonder why joy is missing from our lives, we must look at how we love people.”

What Others Are Saying

From the first lines of the introduction, Janine’s wise words about joy captured my heart. I have been on a journey to understand and know joy deep in my soul and this book is just what I needed. Janine’s down to earth, honest approach to calling readers into a joy filled life is something you won’t want to miss. This book brought me to the throne of Jesus and reminded me that I already have access to soul deep joy through Him.


Director of Girls’ Ministry for Sisters Mentoring with a Mission, a ministry of Women of Grace USA

Genuine, relational, and inspiring, The Joy Filled Soul is a message that will powerfully impact the way you live and experience life. Janine intimately invites you to step out in faith and honestly search the depths of your soul to find the answers to the longings and aches of your heart. She gives practical steps to mend the broken and bruised places. Her enthusiasm is contagious and motivated by a deep love for our Creator.



Speaker, Coach, Author of Made to Soar: Christ-Centered Truths to Encourage, Equip, and Empower Moms and Founder of the Made to Soar Movement.

The Joy Filled Soul is exactly what we need in these times of change and uncertainty. Janine’s desire for every woman to be filled with God’s joy jumps off the pages and I finished reading feeling both encouraged and motivated. This is a book that will challenge our perceptions of joy in a loving way with the purpose of leading us to a deeper understanding of God’s gift to us.



Coordinator for MOPS Off the Clock at Crossline Church

Life’s challenges can cast dark shadows on our souls, but despair doesn’t have to get the final word. Join Janine Lansing on her journey to joy and find some helpful insights for your own spiritual expedition.


Author of seven Bible studies, and contributor to Proverbs 31 Ministries First 5 app