Thrive In the Unknown

Jul 11, 2020


Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The unknown is hard. It’s a difficult place to reside. Right now, we are in a constant state of the unknown. We don't know when the kids will be able to go back to school. We don't know when my husband's job will get back to "normal". My health is facing some unknowns. There are even some unknowns happening at my church right now. So many things for which we don't have an answer or knowledge of what is ahead.

Yet in the midst of all the unknowns, God is speaking. Not audibly of course, but the Holy Spirit speaks truth into our souls.  

Any time the worry or frustration or weariness comes over me, I hear His gentle whisper, “I’ve got a plan. My will will be done!” I feel Him drawing me closer to Him in the midst of the unknown. He is saying, “Just remain in Me and wait with anticipation for what I’m going to do.” So I cling to Him, continue to read His Word, and choose to abide in Him rather than uncertainty.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; in all your ways know Him and He will make your paths straight.” This is a verse I’ve known almost my whole life and though I understand it’s words, in the midst of these unknowns, I feel God urging me to take a deeper look. In my moments of uncertainty, of having no clue what is happening and/or why it is happening, I am reminded that my own understanding of the situation is flawed. I am flawed. But God isn’t. I must trust Him.

The beauty of a life lived with God is that we get to look back on the moments in our lives where God moved us in a different direction than we wanted to go or thought was best. And because we have those times of seeing His faithfulness, we can know that He will be faithful now too! I trust deep in my heart and soul that God truly does know what is best for me and that He desires to do what is best for me. 

I love how Matthew Henry from the 1700s writes it in his commentary. “We must repose an entire confidence in the wisdom, power, and goodness of God, assuring ourselves of the extent of his providence to all the creatures and all their actions. We must therefore trust in the Lord with all our hearts; we must believe that he is able to do what he will, wise to do what is best, and good, according to his promise, to do what is best for us, if we love him, and serve him.” 

I know some of you reading this will say that what God is doing in your life right now doesn’t feel “best”. And that's valid. But sometimes, our feelings lead us away from what we know to be true. So we must allow faith to enter the picture and take over. Our understanding of the situation may be flawed because we are flawed by sin. We must trust that the Lord is able to do what He wills, that He is wise to do what is best, and that He is good to do what is best for us.

So when my heart starts to wonder or become concerned about all the things that have yet to be revealed, God reminds me that He’s above it all. The details are important but He’s above the details and He’s got this. I take a deep breath and audibly exhale. It relaxes me and calms my heart when things are overwhelming.

Ladies, when we trust Him, ignore our own flawed views of life, and acknowledge Him through prayer and know Him by reading His Word, He guides us! Matthew Henry saw it this way. “Those that put themselves under a divine guidance shall always have the benefit of it.” I love that. We don’t lose out because we’re doing it God’s way instead of our own way (which we often think is better). We don’t miss out because we don’t know every step of the process. It’s the opposite. We are blessed beyond our imaginations when we trust Him with every aspect of our lives and wait on Him for guidance. 

So in the unknowns, I can trust God and praise Him for His Holy Spirit living in me and guiding me each day. I know without a doubt that God will continue to work regardless of the details that haven’t been revealed to me. I know He will work even when my body is weak. His will will prevail and He will work in my kids’ lives regardless of if they go to school or learn from home. He will direct our path is His providence and perfect timing and I will wait on Him in anticipation and excitement to see where He will lead.

I will embrace the unknown because I have embraced my God who is known!

To God Be The Glory!

Matthew Henry’s commentary can be found online at