I Choose to PRAISE

Nov 07, 2020


Joy is fleeting sometimes. Like this morning. I was struggling with the daily tasks: getting my kids on zoom, getting them fed, responding to my clients, getting my writing done, etc. I'm tired. I'm weary. As a parent, I am so ready for this virtual learning to be over. I am tired of the daily reminders to my 7-year-old to get on zoom and do her work and stay focused. Anyone else with me? Of course, we still do it and with gratitude, but it's wearing me down.

Joy felt a bit distant this morning. And I need joy to get me through my day. The joy of the Lord truly is my strength and my lifesource. So when it feels distant, it makes the day hard.

So what did I do? I turned on worship music. Yes I Will by Vertical Worship was the first song that came to mind. I pulled up youtube and played it. And as I sang along, my heart was lifted and joy began to flow and fill my soul. I kept singing and by the end, my outlook on my day was better. Before the song, I was feeling defeated. After the song, I was feeling victorious, knowing that I could do this parenting thing, that I can do this hard day, and do it well because God is with me. 

Some would say that I need to choose joy in order to have joy in those hard moments. But choosing joy doesn't alter my state of being. Because joy is not really a choice, it's a result of our choices.

The song did not bring joy. It was my choice to praise God that brought joy as a result! And it works every time, in every circumstance.
Are you struggling today? Are you struggling with the pandemic? Are you struggling with family? Are you struggling with people not hearing you and not understanding you? Is joy feeling distant because of these struggles?
Might I suggest you take the same steps I did and go turn on worship music. I've included the youtube video for Yes I Will below so you can start there if you'd like. But choose to praise Him and JOY will follow.