Bring the Word to LIFE -- Hebrews 12

bible study faith trust May 17, 2020


I remember taking my kiddos ice skating for the first time. They were scared and were not steady on their feet. Most other people in the rink were skating along the rail, holding on for dear life, barely making it around. 

We, however, skated out in the middle where no one else was. I skated backwards in front of them and held out my hands for them to grab if needed. They looked at me because I was right in front of them. They didn’t look anywhere else. They didn’t look to the rail or lean on it for safety. They didn’t look to the other side of the rink to see where they were headed. They only looked at me and clung to me when they felt they would fall.

We are running the race of life. Let us run this race looking only to Jesus! He is right in front of us! We so often look to the side rails, thinking that is where we’ll find security and safety. Sometimes, we even cling to them and end up making no progress. But Jesus has His hands reaching out to you for you to grab onto any time you need them. He will guide you, encourage you, motivate you, and catch you as you begin to fall.

The men and women listed in Hebrews 11 looked to Jesus as they ran their race. They didn’t get swayed by what others said or what others did. They didn’t cling to the lies the world had for them but they clung to Jesus. 

Let us run this race looking only to Jesus!