Long to abide in Jesus but can't find the time?

Grab your copy of 50 Creative Ways to Linger with Jesus and enjoy new moments with Him. 

With this guide you will:

Never be bored

Lingering with Jesus is not meant to be boring or stale. With this guide, you will have fresh and new ideas for abiding in Christ.

Be Fulfilled

Lingering with Jesus is not just reading the Bible in a quiet space. It's building a relationship meant to fulfill you. 

Cultivate Spiritual Fruit

You don't have to try harder to be patient, loving, or kind. Lingering with Jesus results in fruit overflowing. With this guide, your fruit will be abundant.

Yes Please!

Meet Janine

A follower of Jesus passionate about helping women linger with Jesus, live in the Spirit, and love God's Word so they can overflow with spiritual fruit and thrive in all their roles.